I wish I could say that I was always a lover of photography and I was running around with a camera in my hand as a toddler, but I can’t. I had an occasional disposable camera I’d play with, and I would take a ton of photos during summer camp as a teenager, but it wasn’t until I was around the age of 20 that I really took interest, and it was kind of by chance. I was given a Canon Rebel XS for Christmas ten years ago, and everything went from there. I began to take photos of everything and really learned how to use my camera inside and out. I did my very first wedding with that Canon Rebel, and although I cringe thinking about it now, it turned out okay. I dabbled in family photography, event photography, birthday parties, and everything in between. I quickly learned that it wasn’t about just taking pictures and making money. I wanted to photograph things that made my heart beat quicker. Things that made me feel something. That’s when it becomes art, and that’s what hooked me… So that’s what I did.

Life is my inspiration. Whether its love, pain, happiness, despair, euphoria, or darkness, it deserves to be seen. People need to be seen and to be known and I aim to help people be known through my art.

I am based in Western Massachusetts but am available for sessions worldwide. I have photographed a wedding in Chile, as well as couples in the Dominican Republic. I have a valid Passport and would love to accompany and document you wherever you are.